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Virginity: How I Lost Mine, When to Lose Yours. TonyaTko on SEX Disease, Pregnancy etc

I started out this video just aiming to talk to my heart to teens and I ended up talking about Virginity, STD’s Disease, Dating down, Orgasms & Feeling good Sexually as well as pregnancy… and I tell my story of how I shared my virginity..

Honey Your Vagina Smells! 3 Easy ways to tell your Girlfriend

As a follow-up to Vagina Care 101, I received an email from a man who needed to know how to tell his girlfriend that her vagina doesn’t smell very well. After posting this question on facebook I decided to make a video.

Ladies please be on top of your hygiene and men, if you are intimate enough to get IN it, you should be able to talk ABOUT it… Here are 3 different ways to broach the subject.

cotton underwear
victoria’s secret
bacterial vaginosis,
yeast infection
summer’s eve
maxi pads

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