Get Mr. RIght to Fall in LOVE w/ you – 7 Easy Steps + 1 Fatal Flaw MOST women Make TonyaTko How To

Have you ever had the WRONG guy fall in love with you while Mr. Right keeps eluding you?

Have you experienced the pain of not being able to LOVE back the guy in the Friend-Zone so you vowed when you met the right guy you would give him ALL of your love, only to end up heart-broken?

Did you conclude that guys must like girls who only want to be “Friends” so you told the next guy you just wanted to be friends and got stuck as a booty call?

10 Signs You May Be a BootyCall – Jumpoff – Bussitbaby. TonyaTko Talks

STOP Being A BootyCall Jumpoff! 10 tips from TonyaTko

So then you concluded that guys must like bad girls so you decide not to be nice, but you end up running him away?

Know Your WORTH: TonyaTko Speaks to Ladies Again

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5 Easiest Ways to Catch a HUSBAND: TonyaTko Tips Signs a man wants to Settle Down/ get Married

5 Ways to LOVE Yourself, OVER / OVER! TonyaTko on Self Esteem & How to Self Love Pt 1

How to Have GOOD Self Esteem When You HATE Yourself: TonyaTko Reveals Painful Secret

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7 Things to Look for in a Good Woman/ Wife: ManWeek by Love Guru TonyaTko

The beginning of ManWeek, I come right out of the Box swinging with the 7 things that every man should look for in a good Woman / Wife.

1. Good Person
2. Doesnt have to Treat Others
3. Must Treat Others
4. Aligned Goals
5. Motivates & Settles You
6. Truth Honor Justice
7. Evil Step-Mother

As well as our trivia Winner TitoToro and a NEW trivia… and on Wednesday “Does Size Matter!?” Debate

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Virginity: How I Lost Mine, When to Lose Yours. TonyaTko on SEX Disease, Pregnancy etc

I started out this video just aiming to talk to my heart to teens and I ended up talking about Virginity, STD’s Disease, Dating down, Orgasms & Feeling good Sexually as well as pregnancy… and I tell my story of how I shared my virginity..

STOP Being A Booty Call Jumpoff! 10 tips from TonyaTko

The highly anticipated follow-up to the “10 Signs you May Be a Bootycall” In this video I chronicle the 10 steps to AVOID or STOP being a Bootycall / jumpoff altogether. Use this advice to get the relationship you deserve!

Honey Your Vagina Smells! 3 Easy ways to tell your Girlfriend

As a follow-up to Vagina Care 101, I received an email from a man who needed to know how to tell his girlfriend that her vagina doesn’t smell very well. After posting this question on facebook I decided to make a video.

Ladies please be on top of your hygiene and men, if you are intimate enough to get IN it, you should be able to talk ABOUT it… Here are 3 different ways to broach the subject.

cotton underwear
victoria’s secret
bacterial vaginosis,
yeast infection
summer’s eve
maxi pads

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